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Google Hummingbird – What is it?

Google has a new “toy” to tease the world’s webmasters. It’s called Hummingbird. Hummingbird is Google’s new search algorithm, i.e. the algorithm that most of us call Google’s search engine or spider. This is a whole new engine not just a revamp of the old one. If you are wondering, the Panda and Penguin updates are still there. They were like plugins to the old search engine so they are now plugged into… Continue reading

Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

Ordinary people? Is there any such thing? What are ordinary people? Are you ordinary or extraordinary? Do you do ordinary or extraordinary things? What is an extraordinary person? All good questions.

First we must define our terms. What is an extraordinary person? It is generally thought to be a person who has done something extraordinary. For me something extraordinary means something that is not part of their natural way or in other words, someone… Continue reading

We’re Heading For Something

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a real and profound change going on in the world today. What is at the end is anybody’s guess.

Most of Europe is heavily involved in and depressed by the world’s economic downturn. The United States, China and Russia are at each other’s throats over Syria and possibly more behind the scenes, quite apart from that, they have all caught each other hacking each other’s… Continue reading

What’s Going on Over There?

What’s Going on Over There. i.e. the U.S.? President Obama has sent fourteen state Governors warnings of arrest.  There appears to be a possibility that several of the states were planning for the possibility that they might leave the United States of America and were building up their troops in preparation for the coming battle. The paragraph below is from the site where I first saw this “news”, but then I looked further… Continue reading


I recently had reason to buy my “dinner” at one of Ireland’s favourite take away restaurants. No not a Chinese or Indian, one of the burger and chips variety. I have to say that I was shocked at how little I got for my money. The meal I had was just about enough for me because I was not particularly hungry at the time, but the money I paid, €11.05 only got me a… Continue reading

How Do They Know?

Have you ever looked into a beehive? There are between twenty thousand and seventy thousand bees in there. During the summer most of them will be between four and six weeks old. This is because they wear themselves out gathering food and various other things for the colony. From birth each of these bees know what they have to do. They start out helping the other bees cleaning the combs and feeding the larva… Continue reading